In the past, there was a widespread desire for wallpaper adorned with flamboyant designs or oversized blossoms, either a focal point of a single wall or the entire room.

While wallpaper can possess an undeniable charm, it tends to quickly become outdated and worn and under close inspection you can always see the joints even when expertly hung.

Paint technology has come on in leaps and bounds over the years.  With major advances in water-based paints which are environmentally friendly, as well as having many advantages over old fashioned oil-based paints. 

Water-based paints dry rapidly, eliminating the need to wait for hours before touching or leaning on freshly painted surfaces. This not only saves time but also reduces costs by minimizing the waiting period for recoating.  Smaller painting projects can now be completed within a single day, as multiple coats of paint, can be applied in rapid succession.  Furthermore, the use of water-based paints results in significantly reduced paint odours, while the final coatings are wet scrubbable and resistant to mould for many years.

We now offer the service of spraying to give that flawless and professional finish, which eliminates brush or roller marks and gives a smoother finish.

Despite not having a personal preference for wallpaper, our company is prepared to hang it even upon the client’s request.